Day 20, May 5: The Yesod in Tiferet

Referring to the diagram, you'll see that, taking the "Yesod in Tiferet" as endpoints of a line, this combination of Sefirot defines the midline of the body, from the pelvis/genitals to the heart.


Rabi Min Kantrowitz draws our attention to this line within our bodies as a center of stability. Dancers, Pilates and yoga practitioners and athletes of all kinds all pay close attention to this "center line" of the body. And when we speak of "being centered" in our spiritual or emotional lives, we are drawing an analogy to what it feels like in our bodies to have a firm foundation from which to branch out and grow.

Having "Yesod in Tiferet," "Foundation in Harmony," can call our attention to the importance of mindfully cultivating this "solid ground" within ourselves.

Our deliberately cultivated awareness of this of "inner home base" can (among many other things!) keep us grounded when we find ourselves in danger of being swept away by anxiety, distracting thoughts, destructive emotions.

To feel connected to that inner foundation-in-harmony is to be able to say, "that's my anger/resentment/anxiety/fear/jealousy/whatever over there, but that's not me. Hinayni - here I am - over here, on solid ground."

Rabbi Kantrowitz points out that we all know some measure of chaos - internal and external - in our lives. How do you stay connected to your firm foundation under those conditions?

Rabbi Steve Folberg
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