Day 27, May 12 The Yesod in Netzach

What is the "The Foundation in Endurance?"

We have already explored this week of the Omer how inner balance (Tiferet) and lovingkindness (Hesed) might play their role in endurance/eternity. What about Foundation (Yesod)?

One might think of this as "keeping your eyes on the prize." Yesod can be the firm foundation that keeps us on track for the duration.

My 92 year old dad, God bless him, was a CPA for most of his life. He built his successful practice on a foundation of scrupulous honesty and integrity. He often told me and my brother with pride that if one of his clients were to be audited by the IRS, when they found out that my dad was the accountant of the person being audited, the agent would sometimes say, "Oh, then don't bother. You won't find anything fishy there." Indeed, my dad sometimes cut lucrative clients loose rather than acquiesce to the client's request to "cook the books."

"There's nothing more important than being able so sleep soundly at night with a clear conscience," he would always tell us.

What yesodot (principles) in your life will you not compromise? How have those principles sustained you over time? Whose integrity has been in inspiration to you?

Keep posting,

Rabbi Steve Folberg
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