Congregation Beth Israel goes green!

After nearly 10 years of dreaming and planning, Congregation Beth Israel of Austin has at last begun to fulfill the dream of going solar. The roof of our 3-story Learning Center building will sport a
very large solar power array that will generate 40 to 50 kilowatts of power. Not only will this lower Congregation Beth Israel’s electric bill quite a bit, but it will also keep many, many tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere while doing so. I am grateful beyond words to all the visionaries who finally made this happen, including project chairs Forrest Novy, Leon Barish and David Todd and our Congregation Beth Israel Executive Director, Jennifer Smith.

And here’s a video of the early phases of construction.

(The photo above shows the mega crane and flatbed truck that delivered and hoisted the panels and other hardware onto the roof on the first day of construction.)
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