Day 41, May 26: The Yesod in Yesod

Somehow, I always get a kick out of these "The X in X" days! What is the Foundation in Foundation? What is the "Yesodiest" quality there is?

Remember the "foundation" diagram, from a few days ago?

The Yesod in Yesod might encourage us to go further "down the rabbit hole" than we normally do:

  • The foundation is made of rocks, stacked in a certain way. They provide a firm footing for the structure above.
  • The rocks themselves are made up of a multitude of minerals.
  • The minerals have their own crystalline structures, which give them their unique properties.
  • The crystalline structures are reflections of the invisible (to the naked eye) molecular arrangements of the atoms that make up the molecules.
  • And so on and so on...

Reflect upon this...

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