Day 20, May 5: The Yesod in Tiferet

Referring to the diagram, you'll see that, taking the "Yesod in Tiferet" as endpoints of a line, this combination of Sefirot defines the midline of the body, from the pelvis/genitals to the heart.

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Day 10, April 25: The Tiferet in Gevurah

I enjoy having a smart phone, but sometimes I think it is incredibly enslaving! I'm talking about "the tyranny of over-connectedness" and the constant interruption and distraction that our availability to others – via text, email, Facebook and so forth – has created. And yet…blogEntryTopper Read More...

Day 3, April 18: The Tiferet in Hesed

How do you know when to push? How do you know when to "let go and let God," as the 12-Step Traditions teach?blogEntryTopper Read More...