Day 24, May 9: The Tiferet in Netzach

One of the factors that makes the interpretation of the qualities of each day of the Omer so interesting and rich is that each of the Sefirot, taken on its own, has a range of meanings. So, as the rabbis of the Talmudic period liked to say, ‘al achat kama v’chamah, how much the more so, are there even greater interpretive possibilities when we are dealing with pairs of Sefirot!

Take today’s pairing for the 24th day: The Tiferet in Netzach.
Up to this point, we have understood Tiferet as having to do with “balance.”
But in her book on the counting of the Omer called Journey Through the Wilderness, Rabbi Yael Levy understands Tiferet as “beauty,” and frames the theme of the day as “Beauty That Endures.” And I love what she says about this day:

Beauty abounds. At times we can feel ourselves filled and surrounded by splendor. Other times all we can see is brokenness and pain. It is our responsibility to search out, notice and create beauty. It is our responsibility to allow the beauty to inspire our empathy and encourage our acts of connection and love.

How can you create beauty in the world? Do you have to be an artist? What does it mean to take on the creation and recognition of beauty as a responsibility?

Thanks for the wonderful posts, everyone!

Rabbi Steve Folberg
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