Day 47, June 1: The Hod in Malkhut

For the 47th day of the Omer, we examine the Hod in Malkhut. For this, I want to return to Gavriel Goldfeder’s interesting reading of Hod as being related to hoda’ah (gratitude/modesty/humility) and Malchut as sovereignty/majesty. blogEntryTopper

He interprets this intersection of humility/gratitude and majesty to reflect situations in which we recognize that we do not possess the necessary mastery of a particular domain or endeavor, but we can appreciate that someone else does. And not just “appreciate” internally, but let them know that we recognize and are grateful for their mastery and skill. As he writes:

While gevurah of malchut requires restraining myself from taking malchut where it is inappropriate, hod of malchut concerns actively recognizing and appreciating another’s sovereignty in a realm that concerns me.

I am reminded of the regularity with which I feel gratitude for the skills and talents of others on the Congregation Beth Israel staff. They can do so many things that I don’t know how to do, things for which I don’t have the aptitude in the least. I am relieved and grateful (continually) that we can collaborate and that I’m not in charge of everything!

Your thoughts?

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