Day 35, May 20: The Malkhut in Hod

Day 35, five weeks into the Omer and counting... the Malkhut in Hod.


Rabbi Min Kantrowitz points out that the flip side of Malchut, sovereignty, is Shechinah, the feminine, indwelling presence of God. Therefore, the theme of the combination of Sefirot for today might be understood to be the indwelling Presence of God in the Glory/Beauty/Multiplicity of creation.

People have often told me that their deepest spiritual experiences have arisen when they have been out in the natural world.

If that is true for you, remember and dwell upon what made those moments pathways to the transcendent for you. And in any case, spend some time today contemplating the Malchut/Majesty of existence and your place in it.

But the Malchut/Shekhinah in Hod might need not only connect to sunrise-over-the-Grand-Canyon type experiences. After all, the Rabbis provide us with a wonderful blessing for seeing anything which is a delight to the eyes (from springtime blossoms to an exceptionally good looking person). The blessing is:

Barukh Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melekh Ha-olam, she-kakha lo b’olamo.
Blessed are You, Eternal One, who has made such as these in Your world!

(A girl in this year’s Confirmation class at Congregation Beth Israel refers to this as The Blessing For Seeing Chris Hemsworth.) I love that.
Rabbi Steve Folberg
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