Day 46, May 31: The Netzach in Malkhut

Years ago, I performed a wedding for a remarkable, young couple. Out of respect for their privacy, I will leave out any overtly identifiable elements to their story. But I will say that in many respects, their wedding day reminded me of the reality of Netzach: not only in the sense of Persistence/Endurance in which we've been using it here, but also in the sense of its related, Hebrew word, nitzachon, or "victory."

This particular couple had, indeed, been a model of endurance over time. They had repeatedly overcome obstacles to remain together: obstacles of geographical separation, painful family resistance and even prejudice. But their determination to be together, and their ability to take the long-term view, enabled them to stand under the chuppah in great joy. It was a testament to the power of Netzach, persistence, in Malchut - in our world as we experience it - as well as a moment of "nitzachon," triumph.

I also want to give a shout out to my Confirmation Class at Congregation Beth Israel (the Confirmation service was just this which is why this post is a little late). Speaking of Netzach/persistence and Nitzachon/victory, here’s what two of my students composed to read before opening the Ark to read theTorah at today’s service:

It’s an honor, in the presence of these Torah scrolls, knowing that we’ve reached this milestone in our Jewish education. The fact that we, as a Confirmation class, decided to move beyond our b’nei mitzvah celebrations with several more years of learning is amazing, to say the least. Where many others have given up, deciding to continue on with their lives without the unique experience that is this synagogue’s Confirmation program, our paths have lead us here to the Bimah, ready to take our places as Confirmation graduates. We are so grateful to all of you for being here and sharing today with us.

Consider the ways that you have manifested Netzach in your own life. Consider situations you are currently facing that call for Netzach.

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