Day 34, May 19: The Yesod in Hod

Rabbi Yacov Haber has an interesting take on today'a combination of Sefirot, Foundation (Yesod) in Beauty (Hod).


He writes:

Create a foundation and a depth within beauty. Extend your beauty treatments to your personality and your soul. Become geschmak [Yiddish: "wonderful to be with"].

he daily, morning service contains perhaps my own favorite prayer, Elohai Neshamah, which begins: "My God, the soul that you have given me is pure..."

And similarly, the Shabbat morning liturgy contains the words, “V’taher libenu l’ovd’cha be’emet:” Purify our hearts to serve You in truth.”

Given this, what does it mean to "beautify your soul"? How would you go about doing that?

Rabbi Steve Folberg
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